medtec copper



Ionic copper solution for professional use in marine or freshwater fish only systems.

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Rescue•Fish F Fish Treatment

rescue•fish f

fish treatment

Shrimp safe, Highly effective Rescue•Fish F is designed to treat bacterial infections, open sores, ulcerations, redness in fins or body, tail and fin rot and cloudy eyes directly in the aquarium, without damaging the biological filter bacteria. It boosts the immune system of fish and invertebrates and helps them resist pathogens.

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Stress Defense•F



Stress Defense•F is a non-acidic, shrimp safe, technologically advanced, premium quality, maximum strength slime coating product that will reduce ammonia toxicity and stress when transporting or handling fish. Stress Defense•F coats wounds and abrasions like a bandage and helps fish slough off bacteria and parasites.

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