Filtration Media

high purity calcium media for placement
in reef reactors: may be used with
or without a magnesium media

The Continuum advantage.

Reef•Basis - Cal•React is a supreme quality, calcium rich aragonite, specially selected for for use in calcium reactors. It provides a gradual increase in calcium and carbonate levels to support both calcium level and buffering in the aquarium. It is free of chloride and sulfate and will not contribute to ionic imbalance in the system.

Use in aquarium keeping.

Controlled dissolution of aragonite in a reactor vessel is one of the most effective and preferred methods of increasing and maintaining calcium levels and alkalinity in a reef aquarium. Cal•React provides calcium, as well as other minerals that are present in aragonite, such as strontium in a gentle release over time, allowing for increased stability of both the calcium and carbonate levels in the aquarium. Continuum recommends that you maintain a calcium level of 410 to 440 ppm in a reef aquarium.

Directions and protocol.

Rinse well in cold filtered freshwater, preferably RO or distilled water, or used aquarium water. Place in the main chamber of a calcium reactor. Use alone or with Reef•Basis - Mag•React per directions on its label. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions that were furnished with the calcium reactor to adjust the rates of water flow and CO2 injection to obtain the desired concentrations of calcium in the effluent. Over time, as your reef grows, demand for calcium, magnesium and carbonate will increase. It is possible that other supplementation of calcium, magnesium or buffer may be required. If so, simultaneous use of Reef•Basis - Calcium dry or liquid, Reef•Basis - Magnesium dry or liquid, and Reef•Basis - KH will allow you to maintain the proper levels of these important nutrients.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. Contains aragonite (primarily calcium carbonate), if ingested drink water. If in eyes flush with water.